Sunday, March 4, 2012

And life goes on

Apart from being too excited about the UK trip (we will be staying quite near to Kings Cross, and even if they don't allow us, WE ARE GOING TO SNEAK OUT AND GO TO KINGS CROSS STATION TO PLATFORM 9 3/4 EVEN IF WE HAVE TO WALK ALL THE WAY! That would be the most magical thing ever.
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Classes are pretty boring, but now that Sir S, my favorite teacher is back it's getting better. It's sad that he won't be there next semester so I can't choose him as my supervisor. My classmates are so fun these days, I am so gonna miss all this next year. On Friday, I went to Kuda Bandos on a  FMC Student Association trip, since this is my last year I wanted to participate and it actually went better than expected. Mostly I missed YLP and the trip to Kuda Bandos through it, but the feeling you get when you are at sea and looking at the clouds is pure bliss! I should go moodh-ing more often, preferably at night, so I can stargaze while floating. 
I also went to the Novelty book fair with the Galhees and Nawaf, which was too crowded in the evening. SERIOUSLY, NEVER GO IN THE EVENING UNLESS YOU WANT TO SUFFOCATE AND DIE. So we near the beach and talked and talked. I love these people! Later, we went it at around 7 30-ish and the crowd was gone. The collections are pretty nice this time, and the special offer table was my favorite. Hisherm scored THREE poetry books, two of which I found (super regret giving him the one by Aditya, it was so beautiful!), and I scored pretty pretty sketch books for designing and a great book of selected poems for just 5 bucks! Total bargain. ^^
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This week is going to be hectic, since I have an exam and an assignment due on the week that I come back, so I won't have time to study thus I have to study this week, and have a LOT of people to meet with, and lots of shopping to do. The only thing bothering me is HOW THE HELL I AM GOING TO SURVIVE IN THE FREEZING COLD. I can't even tolerate 20C so I can't imagine how I would do in 13-8C. 
I hope you had an amazing weekend dear readers.

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