Thursday, October 2, 2014

September in a Nutshell

Okay, I know I say this all the time but September was seriously the busiest month so far and I loved it very much. I might actually be a workaholic. *screams*

Hung out with the kiddo. I really need to do it more often | Finally wrote to my pen pals after the longest time. I hope they reach safely | Since September was Hipster Sister's birthday, I helped mom to decorate this cake. To be honest, mom baked the cake and I decorated it with these chevron lines. It's way too pink for her liking but oh well | I also got the chance to visit H.Alif Dhidhoo on a seminar and has a very wonderful time there. It was excruciatingly hot | Hoodh delivered a nice session on project planning, man I'm proud of that dude. My session was on leadership and I was very nervous but Masha Allah I was able to have a very smooth and fun session | Baked biscuits with the family. These actually taste better than it looks, believe me | Celebrated Oony's birthday with the kids. It' very rare we get all the kids together these days so I make it a point to cherish all the moments we spend | Also celebrated the twins birthday, it almost seemed like we brought them home just yesterday | and as always, no month can ever be complete without some good tea. That teacup is my Eid gift to myself and I don't have tea as much as I like nowadays because I'm hardly home.

Overall, it was a busy month as usual. As I write this, the state of this country is becoming worse and everyday is a struggle for us and I pray that we see a better future ahead and remember my twitter friend Moyameehaa and hope that he will be returned to us safely.

How was your September? I hope your October is filled with great things and love. 

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