I was born and raised in Maldives my whole life under the sun and near the white beaches. I spent most of my life moving from one tiny island to another, now settled down in Male' the capital city. I am in the mysterious twenties of my life, having enjoyed most of my childhood reading Nancy Drew books and traveling to various islands. Most of my teenage life was spent studying accounting and watching Hindi movies. 
Being the eldest of my family, I got spoiled by my family and relatives, much to the dismay of my two siblings. I started school at a very early age and my study life has been quite exciting moving from school to school, and two of my academic loves are Marketing and teaching. I'm currently deciding between getting a PhD or doing another Masters! 
I am also part of Dhi Youth Movement, which is an NGO that works to empower youth and to make communities smile. Also check our magazine DYMag
I enjoy classic literature, tea with lots of milk, good books and hot cocoa, rings, snail mail, and lots of sunshine. My life can be summed by to do lists and journals. I dream of huge closets and making a mark in the world.I believe in random things, love letters to strangers, Sunday morning pep talks, unbirthdays, cartoons in the evening, mismatching socks, breaking stereotypes, feminism and handwritten letters. I also believe that happiness is like a library filled with Jane Austen novels and that people should be loved and respected no matter where they are from.

I started blogging under "Shaha's World" in 2007 finding inspiration from some other Maldivian bloggers like Aali, Munshi and Mini. In 2008, I started this blog (then known as DiaryGirl) to write about things that interest me.It's grown since then kind of a like an online diary. 
I mostly write about my daily life as a young working person, Maldives, movies, bits of fashion, funny things, and about anything that interests me.  This blog is more of a personal journey and a pet project that I can look back on and thanks for joining me in this journey.


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  2. Nice blog. It would be great if you linked your other blogs too, with the text above :) just my opinion

    1. thanks. I actually removed all those blogs, so the links don't work no more. :D

  3. Hei,
    I'm a Maldivian blogger, living overseas for the moment.
    Stumbled upon your blog tonight and thought I'd say hi :)
    It's nice to find girls who blog from Maldives, although yours and mine are polar opposites :)

  4. Mini's link? I used to stalk her blog. New laptop. No bookmarks. :s

  5. http://meehaku-moyavedhaane-ennu.blogspot.com/

    Mini doesn't blog anymore, I think. But you can read her archives there. :)

  6. "Shaha" you're an inspiration :)


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