Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Typical Maldivians!

They talk about how no one’s a virgin anymore, and yet they won’t date a girl who wont sleep with them. Typical Maldivians!
They talk about how much they love their nation, and yet the first chance they get, they’d rather go to Australia. Typical Maldivians!
They mock people who talk in English, and yet they say those vulgar words in English and act like thy own the world. Typical Maldivians.
They act like they know everything, yet they fail, and blame it on the teacher. Typical Maldivians.
They think they know so much about sex talk, and yet the only STD they know is AIDS. Typical Maldivians.
They think people who are not like them are losers, when in reality they just act like clones. Typical Maldivians!
They say to everyone that they watch great movies, when in reality they watch porn. Typical Maldivians.
They think they know everything about relationships, when in reality they can hardly remain truthful in one. Typical Maldivians!
And I ask myself, Am I a typical Maldivian?
I am a Maldivian, yes! But typical isn't a word I’d associate with myself. I don’t try to fit in,  because I am a stand out person. I don’t care what others think of me, cos I don’t live to please them. I don't act like a freaking know it all, cos I am still learning. I sometimes make mistakes, cause I am not perfect. I sometimes do things that I regret, but I’m not ashamed of myself.
I am me, and you cant change me. It’s not fair. I’ve got my life, and you’ve got yours. I don’t tell you how to live yours, so why the damn should you tell me how to live mine?
I am not a typical Maldivian like you, and no matter what you say or do, doesn't make me one. It indeed shows how different and unique I am. 


  1. *clap clap* very much likes this post!

  2. Some blogger thinking she/he is better than all other and pretending to know everything. Typical Maldivians!!

  3. i know you are not typical. you are a RJ who dream of filling the closet in your house with fashion accessaries. you don't like to waste anything or anytime. you like beautiful things from the western world and burugafy them to suite you. you are definitely not typical. only if typical is less than 1%. you belong with the unique 99% here who says that this is so thafaathu each time. thafaathu is the new typical. check out the heyamboo over and over again, so thafaathu, yet so typical, and so different.


  4. You can ask almost any typical person and they will say that they are different and unique just like you did.

  5. @ieccco, thanks. xD

    @Anony, If you read my WHOLE post, you'd know I am not a know it all.
    People who are too coward to say anything and commenting anonymously. Typical Maldivians!

    @Anony 2, I am no longer an RJ. I do waste a lot of my time sleeping, which I can spend doing much better things. I also like things from the East. And you probably know only 0.5% about me.
    You've got a point though.

    @Anony3, I agree, and its a good thing as long as they don't meddle with others life.

  6. ok my thoughts of this

    no 1 : being a virgin or not dosent matter as long as the girl loves me..

    no 2 :Aussie is a kwl place to visit.. but when it comes to choosing which country.. maldives definetly goes to numbar 1

    no 3 :hehehe funny but true

    no 4 :Good thing am educated :P

    no 5 :Unique is good.. wierd is juz the other word for it..

    no 6:Do not watch porn, do porn quote me :)

    no 7:Whoa...tough one

    no: 8:no ur not and am neither :)

    interesting funny read...

  7. I don't think its gonna be a good idea to allow anonymous commenting in a typical Maldivian community. They need another century to understand some of the civilized way of living. cheeers shaha and its awsum post...clap clap..

  8. Good attempt to get a grip on the 'typical' characteristics of Maldivians. Good subject worth research too.

    In my opinion, Maldivians are made typical by the small environment and isolation from the rest of the world. Recently we have started getting internet and satellite TV and then on our views are very much shaped by media. That is the most typical os Maldivan characteristics.. They talk like fox news people... some truth and mostly gossip.

  9. @darkie,
    It's a good thing you value the person and not just her body. xD
    hehe. hmm, thanks

    hmm, but I still thing cowards should be even given a chance to convey their opinion. hehe. too bad they choose the opportunity to say negative stuff mostly.

    @Anony4, hmm, I do agree.
    Yes, the culture doe splay a huge part. I think this comment would've made more sense if I watched Fox News. xD

  10. i wish it simply had a like button :)

  11. @Shweetikle,
    haha. *off to find an app for liking blog posts*

  12. The same description would apply to us Indians as well!

  13. @Petrichor,
    Oh. I never really considered other countries. But I do like Indians, mostly the Bollywood people! (=

  14. Sounds to me your pretty Typical Maldivian. But honestly you not talking about Maldivians that's Human nature.

  15. @And why exactly is that? Does talking about vegetables make one a vegetarian?

    I do agree, after all we are all human, whether Maldivians or Indians.

  16. i should comment on this!
    but maybe im a typical maldivian. so i won't!! teehee =D

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