Friday, November 28, 2008

Disney, Disney, please come here...

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HSM 3: Senior Year has been out for more than a month... But I still haven't got it... All because all the CD shops I ever visited haven't even got it.. they don't even know what it is..I wanna watch it...
Quantum Of Solace has been out for a few weeks and it's already available...
Disney, is so new to Maldives.. people only know Disney as a place for cartoons.. When someone hears about Disney, they think about Walt Disnep, Cinderella, Snow white, etc...
But it's more than just that...
Disney has the best series for kids, pre teens, teens and even adults..
We all know about Prison Break, Heroes, and How I met your Mother. But no body has even Heard of Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly place, or Suite life of Zack and Cody...
And, all of us are big fans of Star plus and Star Movies, but nobody knows about Disney TV..
It's not even available in Maldives,,
I just wish that Disney was available in Maldives..
And of course we all know about Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie and Linkin Park... But a few people know the great pop teen sensations like Miley Cyrus, the hansome tri bros Jonas Brothers, high school hotties Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron..
What's wrong with Maldives? Eww.. And I couldn't find a single copy of Enchanted, or even Another Cinderella Story in Maldives...
If only Maldives knew much more about Disney, Its a wonderful place..
I just had to write about this because, I love Disney, and well, watching it on you tube is not fun.. and having no body know about who Hannah Montana is , sucks... It really does.. Girls around the globe loves Jonas Bros, Nick Kevin and Joe.. But Maldivian girls, doesn't even know that they exist...
If you guys know about them, I'll be more than happy.. and even if you don't please lie to me that you do know them..
And, what happened to CQ? That was a cool magazine, like one of its kind in Maldives..
Is politics the only  thing Maldivians care about?
Anyways, Ciao...=/


  1. those movies are actually famous among the lil teens
    atleast i know about them coz of my 13 year old sis

    and btw, i have enchanted and another cinderella story with me
    its in my hard
    so ill tell ya as soon as i get my hard ingey :D

    and about high school musical 3, saafu copy eh adhi neiy net ga eh, ehenve download nukoh mi hunnany
    ehennoonyaa koffa onnaany kokko balan
    download koffa bunaanan ingey :D and you keep me informed too! :P

  2. nice template... im loving it ;]

  3. Hey shaha, Gigaflare is awake and up again after a long back and hungry!!!just kidding im controlling my appetite.part of the training ive been undergoing lately

  4. @Mini...
    Oh... Thankgod atleast some one knows... =D
    Yeah I'll tell ya as soon as I get it...


    Uh, you are ciontrolling WHAT? Boy, I am surprised... Lets see how you deal with it.. And Welcome back beary boo... =P

  5. heyyya...
    i kno abt HSM... hehe
    me waitn 4 it too
    n right i have not got my hands on it yt (dats yet ingey?)
    wel if u do.. leme kno
    il ly u kno if i do...
    ok dear toodls...

  6. @Tazu...
    Great... And i have HSM 3... Just watched it on Wednesday, BTW, it's in my comp... =)

  7. @Tazu...
    Great... And i have HSM 3... Just watched it on Wednesday, BTW, it's in my comp... =)

  8. Cartoons and shows these days are really really bad compared to what you got before like tom and jerry and the shows on nikelodeon. Shows on disney just show spoiled little brats complaning about their problems! Disney has failed..

  9. And miley cyrus and other people great musicians??? That aint music that they are playing! if you want good music listen to true artists like beatles or the doors. And its not that most of the people here dont know about them! they know how crappy they are so they choose to ignore them!:)

  10. Anony:
    I agree. Disney doesn't show great cartoons, but there are few quite good ones like Phineas and Ferb, and old ones like Fairly Odd Parents. Not all Disney cartoons are about spoiled bratz. But yes, it has severely failed in promoting unjustifiable expectations.

    This was a post I wrote two years ago, and that time, most people here didn't know about them. The Hannah Montana craze is a very recent one here. I wasn't saying they were great musicians, I was just pointing the fact that a LOT of people around the globe (mostly kids) thought they were great, and were supporting them, thus making them teen pop sensations, or teen-heart throbs.

    Thanks for the comment. I had no intention to disagree. I'm just writing my opinion and I value yours.


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