Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Holiday Spirit

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It's holidays again and looks like Im the only one stuck here in Male, while every one I know must now be in their islands enjoying...*sigh*
However, these holidays are not so very boring, so far so good. and it's raining chocolates, Ferreros, Toblerones, Kit kats, Milka's, Dairy milk's and even lollipops...
And Sunday's been the worst day in my life, I got up with a nasty stomachache , couldn't eat a thing and vomited my head down... and mom was insisting to go to hospital( the place I hate most in the whole world), I didnt want to go, so dad got an Ivy and I had my first ever ivy... at home.. It didnt hurt as much as I thought and It was a butterfly shaped blue pin.. so cute.. Lasted for about an hour.. and thank god, Im now feeling much better...*rolling eyes* 


  1. ferreros and lollipops.. yum yum..
    nyc to hear ur fyling better now..
    and sparkles.. hes shoo cute...

    and of cox the card is gweat.. hehe

  2. @ Lilly...
    Yeah... Sparkles is a cutie...
    and Thankuu sooo muchh... =)

  3. Fab card and your bunny is so cute, thanks for joining in the CCT challenge

  4. @ Andrea

    Thanks so much...
    Your challenges are awesome! =D

  5. gurrrl!!!
    no worries
    half of us r suvivin too
    cum sit n join us...

  6. @taxu...
    hehe... thanks.. we r on da same boat dho... =)


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