Monday, May 25, 2009


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Its exam time.. After 17 years of studying, I’m up for one of the biggest challenges in my life.. My future depends on this..
Yet, my grade point average is probably that of an average child.. which means there’s 0.001 probability of me getting into my dream university, Princeton.. I’ve always being in love with Princeton.. Its a great university, sounds like a dream, and its in Ivy league..And the name’s just too perfect..
Which brings me to look into why people tend not to be studious.. I’ve found out 3 reasons for this..

1. Screen Time
This is probably something every person of this century has faced.. It’s the time you spend in front of a screen, let it be a TV, computer, phone, or even those billboards on the streets.. We kind of get addicted to it. Researches have shown that a normal teen spends 8 hours near screens.. That’s 4 years.. think about all those great things we could have done in 49 years.. sheesh..

2. The Nerd Syndrome
Now, If you become involved in your studies, and become studious, you become labeled as a nerd.. and studious is considered as not so cool.. ah, this unfair world full of stereotypes.. But believe me, there are many great people who were once considered as nerds.. If you are scared of labels, you probably can’t live in this world.. cos, its in our circle of no control.. I haven’t really faced labeling much.. I guess it isn't very famous in Maldives.. naming you nerds, airheads, jocks, etc, etc.. Maldivians are a bit on the normal side. Thank god.

3. Pressure
Now, If we bring home a good report, our parents, friends, teachers, and cats, and parrots, and even the ants in our backyard expect us to do the same again, and again.. They feel that we have set up this standard of perfection that we’ll always achieve..And if we bring home a bad report always, there are less expectations,and no pressure which is much easier.. But, hey if you don’t wanna pay the price of education, try ignorance..
Well, that pretty much sums it all..
PS I was motivated enough.. All thanks to Sean Covey..
PPS This is a summary of a chapter from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective teens..
PPS3 If you are a teen, and you haven’t read it yet, you better do it now..


  1. GO go goooo! =P best of luck with your exams!

  2. hehe pretty true =D though i dont really agree with Maldives being normal beeecause, as far as I know its pretty commom =| though we have Maldivian names for it =P like sodu? xP

  3. serioslyy.. soo trueee... x] x]

    and gud luck wid the examss.. =] =]

  4. Hope you exams were ok!
    Best of luck!

  5. @Muuthi.. Oh, I didnt know.. Sodu? Never heard of it before.. N thanks.. =D

    @Shaayan, Lilly n Masudh.. Thanks.. =]


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