Monday, May 11, 2009

Wedding Dashes, Seventeen, and So Much More

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Hey Blogger Friends.. Today's been a really refreshing day, which probably explains my out with the old and in with the new theme.. Yes! Finally I've got enough motivation to do so. Why? Cos I read this month's Seventeen. It gives me inspiration and motivation, Thank you Ann Shoket.
Seventeen has always been my absolute favourite magazine, might be because Im seventeen, but anyways. This month it featured Taylor Swift, whose songs never fail to impress me. And her story was really eye opening.It made me realize that fairy tales happens, but its not all about happily ever after. It's about being happy for now. cos forever's a much bigger word. She turned out to be more like me, as im a believer in fairy tales, and love.
I guess what matters in life isnt what we really think it is, and who hurts you the most are people who are the closest to your heart. Sometimes, you just need to give your heart some free time, and follow your brain.
Everyone's so interested in the elections and stuff, not to mention the exams. It almost feels we are not what we were before. Now we are awake, much more exposed to the happenings around us.
And one more thing which always turns out to be true is my seventeen horoscope, which highlighted about a party this month, and my cousin's married, so he's throwing a wedding bash. and im supposed to be a bridesmaid, not really.One thing i hate most is that people want to have weddings, big ones. but they dont do it the "big way", like bridesmaids, bouquet throwing, ring bearers, guest book, sand ceremony, etc. Im planning doing all of them when in my wedding, which is not really gonna happen in a near future, i assure you. =P
I guess all my posts are really long, which must bore you to death, hehe..


  1. ohhh... both having da same theme ???

  2. Wedding bash, invited??

    Na, it's not bored to death!! it's double death!!!

    just kidding. :)

    "you just need to give your heart some free time, and follow your brain"

    I'm impressed. you mean to say not to let our emotion overtake our brain!! superb idea!!

    i think it's long enuff to bore u


  3. @Anjelica..
    oh yeah.. hehe..

    now tha's what i'd call a good enough comment.. =]

  4. beleiving in horoscopes is not gud...

  5. @Anony..
    Who said I believed in them? I just said, it comes true, not that i believe in them..
    BTW, thanks for reminding..


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