Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How To Annoy People Without Meaning To


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1. Ask them to move to another chair in a lecture class

2. Recommend them to read a good book (preferably a classic, or a Shakespeare one)

3. Wear mismatching socks on Dobby Remembrance Day and explain that when they ask.

4. Be very calm always, even when people are fighting.

5. Tell them their hair looks like Elvis Presley’s.

6. Say Harry Potter spells when they are about to do something.

7. When they win something, tell them it’s because you spilled a bit of Felix Felicis into their water bottle.

8. When a teacher asks a question, give a very details answer very fast (Sheldon Cooper Style) and when the teacher asks you to read it slow, read the exact thing VERY SLOW.

9. Quote from Shakespeare in lecture classes

10. Wear something crazy to class, and when anyone asks about it, make something up like “Didn’t you know it’s TAKE YOUR HUGE ASS BAG TO CLASS DAY?” and act completely normal.

11. When someone asks you “Can I ask you a question?” reply with “I’d prefer if you don’t. But I won’t go as far as to forbid it”.

12. Start speeches with “Ladies, Gentlemen, (the name of anyone in class)”

13. Smile at random people.

14. Talk in a British accent and tell them it’s not kissing it’s snogging.

15. Just be yourself.

PS, Don’t do all of this at once.

PS2, yes. I did them. ALL of them.


  1. Sinful. May Allah guide you.

  2. Whoa!!!! Bhari.. that means AWESOME in my mother tongue. :)

    I really needed these tips.. :D

    THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH, Shaha!! :)

  3. hahha ..sound fun .. im gonna try them all .. and ur too gud

  4. to be honest, nos. (8,9,14) sounds like the person who did all this "thinks" he/she is smart and knows everything. that person needs to wait until he/she meets people who are actually smart.

  5. Anon: Thankyou.

    Adi: haha. You're welcome.

    Dhona: Good luck, and thanks

    Anony: Honestly, I don't think I know everything. That's why I have to go to University. That last part is an offense to all my Top ten level classmates and lecturers.

  6. Hello diarygirl, you are really a committed blogger, that's all I want to say. I always see this blog on mvblogs. Keep it up. thanks

  7. Haha, this is funny! :D I too smile at random people. Didn't think it would be annoying though!

  8. Seems like anony here wants to get your attention with his/her anonymity lol.

  9. scam news, Thanks so much for the kind words. I try to maintain a good rep.

    Haiko, haha. yeah well, trying it here usually gets me weird remarks, so I have almost stopped.

    Shums, yeah. Don't worry about anonymous people.

  10. Hey, dont you think I'm also your friend? But my link is not there in your blogger's list. anyways thanks for this smiley collection. Hope you will add me to so called FRIENDS. thanks

  11. maldivesbest, nothing like that. I haven't updated it in a long time, sorry.
    Adding you right now. =D


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