Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Nerdvana

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I am a nerd. I love studying, and I just don’t do it for good grades. I sincerely like knowing stuff. I read a lot, I am a bookworm. I watch documentaries.
People sometimes find it hard to believe that someone can actually love studying. People only care about passing, and well, I don’t care about a pass (insha allah, I’ve been blessed with a good mind), but my parents do. For them, a pass is equivalent to the highest marks possible, which in my college is an HD. So, I do exams aiming for that, not just because my parents want me to, but because I want it. I want to go to a prestigious college and get a master’s or maybe a PhD. College life is a once in life time experience and I want mine to be extraordinary. 
Some people however find it very bizarre, and even associate me with foni and stuff, because I hardly study and yet, I get good marks. That I always finish my works first and I answer questions in class (mostly when NO ONE ELSE answers). Anyhow, My point here is that I think people tend to judge me real quick. I actually fit into so many stereotypes, people get confused. I don’t blame them. I mean I know MOST people my age, in my college, or teens in general HATE studying, but what is wrong if I like it?
I actually like SMART people. I like people who are interesting. I like people who read. I also think guys who read are sexy. But there’s a limit to it. There are other people too, so give them a chance to be smart too.


  1. I think there's a little bit of jealously in the people who judge you for being smart. :) There's nothing wrong with actually wanting to learn. After all, knowledge is power.

    By the way, that's a lot of calculators haha! I think I have the one on the very bottom. :D

  2. i loved your post and i couldn't help i commented. :d

  3. I so agree with what you've just said here, I'm not as smart like you but I even don't need much of studying to score a Distinction, I mean I just read several pages just before exam day and I get HD and D's. But I know I can be an all HD student if I gave an effort to it, which I can't. Unlike you. But I so wish I was like you and actually liked to study seriously. You're so blessed with this! :)
    And I love to read too, but documentaries not so much!

  4. The love for knowledge and not for grades reminded me of the movie '3 idiots' .. yo so rite .. todays world every wants gud grades but not knowledge .. and im glad to that there are still ppl who loves to study like u .. im some one who jus hates .. and theres nuthing wrong in u studying .. be yourself and Keep Studying and bloggin =)

  5. Haiko: may be. >.< yes, I keep reminding myself that.

    haha, that's just half of our calculators mixed..

    Mode: Thankyou, and welcome to my blog.

    Iecco: yeah. I think I know how that feels. Thanks.
    There are a few documentaries that I would rather die than watch, but in general I like them. =D

    dhona: heh. A very favorite movie of mine. Thanks. Will do!

  6. im like iecco, somewhat. i dont enjoy studying. its more like a chore for me. so i dont really study but yet i get good marks easily. so i know that if i ACTUALLY try i can kick everyone's ass. i wish i loved studying as much as u do, then it'd be so easy hehehe!

    as iecco, said ure definitely blessed to feel this way about studies and knowledge :)

    also i agree with what haiko said... i think people who judge you for liking studies are definitely jealous of you.

    and about documentaries and reading... i think i like watching documentaries more than reading :\ i used to love reading as a kid but not so much anymore.

    oh and 3 idiots is one of my favorite movies too! really good message behind it.

  7. Naina: yeah. I know a lot of people like you guys. Imagine how if everyone studied, the world will be full of geniuses. =P



    I still LOVE reading. a good old book can still keep me for hours.

    Mine too. I've watched it 5 times already. ha

  8. ive watched it erm 3 times i think. hehe. once in the cinema and twice on dvd. and every damn time it makes me cry! :(

  9. you should try wiki-walking ... :)

  10. Naina: yeah me too. =D 3 idiots ftw!

    subcorpus: haha.

  11. Well about documentaries there are some really interesting like real life and death ones. I just love them! But then again there are so few of those.

  12. Iecco: hmm. Me too. sad for us!


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