Friday, November 2, 2012

A to Z: Life these days

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A is for Amazing Spiderman, which I can't seem to stop talking about as it is AH-MAZING! duh!
B is for blog. :) I'm sorry I've been TMI lately. I have some really good posts lined up.
C is for Chilly, this absolutely wonderful image from alan1828. I love the mystery in her eyes.
D is for Dream journals. I recently started one, because I'm very interested in the concept of lucid dreaming.
E is for ELLEN! I can't stop watching her show, it is hilarious. 
F is for favourite, which is my new favourite word, haha
G is for Gan, which is so so huge, they should have made it the capital. 
H is for Himmafushi, which is where I celebrated Eid this year. So much fun
I is for I Knew You Were Trouble, my current favourite song from Red. It is so catchy.
J is for Juice. =/
K is for KK.
L is for Last Man Standing, which has been one of my favourite TV shows for some time now.
M is for Metropol Raspberry Filofax, which is my favourite, mostly because I now own it. 
N is for Neeko, who's birthday is coming soon.
O is for Oyster cards. Suddenly, we are reminiscing over using them in London. 
P is for Postcard from Paris, a really cool song by The Band Perry. They are my favourite trio after Harry, Hermione and Ron.
R is for Rings and Things, which is this pretty little online shop by Shums who makes such whimsical and cute stuff. 
S is for Sophia Grace and Rosie, two of my favourite people from Ellen. Sophia is just so adorable with her out of the box personality. 
T is for Teens React! Seriously, hilarious. The funniest one is teens react to Gangnam Style
U is for Umbridge. No post is complete without a HP reference.
V is for Vintage. These days I'm very much into vintage patterns and movies and style. 
W is for Willy Wonka. 
X is for X-factor. The video where a guy says that Demi uses autotune is so hilarious.
Y is for Yuna, who is an amazing Malaysian singer/songwriter.
Z is for Zachary Levi.

What's in your alphabet this week?

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