Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Playlist

This week is going incredibly well. I had my last class tonight and things are alright. I feel like a happy song. Except a happy song that is about to have to present her thesis. *sigh* Meanwhile, here's what I've been listening to;
Live While We're Young by One Direction
Yes, you can officially count me as not a hater of 1D. Niall is adorable and I just love this song. The message is very true as well. No, I'm not a super fan, I just like it a lot OK. Whatever.

Skyfall by Adele
There are just really no words to describe this song. It's perfect  it's everything that all other songs are not. Yes, we'll stand tall and face it all.

Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys ft Nicki Minaj
So there has been this trend where there's just one or two lines in a song, and the rest is unrelated/mildly related rapping either by Nicki Minaj or B.o.B. (Both of Us, Beauty and a Beat and Airplanes anyone?). I think this song is really cool, and the lyrics are in a way very very deep but also bizarre, if it makes any sense. Also check out the version by Sophia Grace and Rosie, too cute.

Crazy Love by Mindy Gledhill
I heard this on a Youtube video the other day and just had to find it because it was so so pretty. You know, those songs when you first hear it you love it so much you need it in your life because it would complete your life. Yes, this song is just like that.

Aashiyan from Barfi
A really beautiful and heartwarming song from Barfi. I just ah, this is just, so so great. You have to listen to it, because it will make you fall in love with Barfi and Jhilmil.
What are you listening to this week?

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