Friday, November 15, 2013

DYMag October Issue

Last month's DYMag was one of the hardest, but also the one we got a lot of help in. It was the one with the most content so far. We covered two young footballers and the cover shoots were terribly fun. One day it was blazing sun and we didn't have a good place to shoot so when the cricket team was taking five minute breaks, we would rush and snap snap snap and then again wait for them to take a break. The other day it was rainign cats andn dogs and we had to work through muddy pools of water trying to get the shots. It was definitely hard work. 

Abo, our critique extraordinaire, got the chance to go see a preview of a Korean movie, thanks to Bridge Club Maldives and he reviewed it brilliantly in his own fashion. The highlight was of course, Abo's music review of Tay's album "Red" which is one of my personal favourites as well. The fashion shoot was based on Kurtas with great photography by Toby, styling by Shuma and as always amazing modelling by Sam. 

The cover interviews were done by Sifr, Hassan and Ahusam and I think they brilliantly asked some very interesting questions to our talented cover people. Wonder Woman Bags by Mary's article is just a ray of inspiration for all girls and women out there that you can follow your passion at any age, any time if you really have a drive. We love her creativity and her motivation to keep going forward. 

Eyes of a Child by Jin is a light article that takes us back in time to the nostalgic tales of childhood, making us feel silly and good at the same time. Luna's article about patriotism talks about having a love for country bigger than yourself and we salute her for her love. No magazine is complete without some serious talk, and what's more serious than electoral corruption and violence? Zainal explains all this in laymen's terms making it so clear for all of us. 

The Fame Monster by Moony is the highlight article of this issue which is written with such raw passion that it makes us question ourselves, makes us second guess things and want to change how we view the world and the way we live. Thihnan, our health gal is always on the track, bringing us information about the serious stuff, this time it's about strokes and keeping out teeth hygiene perfect.Girl in Toque is always bringing us yummy recipes and I really want to try the blueberry whipped cake. Also Mahid's science article is the first of its kind in DYMag and most definitely so well written. 

Bloodwritings features yet another enchanting poem which just makes us read it twice, it is that good. You are an Insignificant Speck by Munzir give weight to your place in the universe, such a good read. What is Love by Shiyaz makes us feel giddy and sweet and the last poem, Girlfriend makes us cherish our sisters and girl pals so much more!

All in all, another fun issue done and so much hard work but seeing the comments, it makes it all worthwhile. We've just finished the content for November issue and it will hopefully be out very soon! Fingers crossed.

Read it HERE. Let me know what you think.  


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