Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Currently - November

Sometimes I tend to watch way too much series and completely forget to read. I have yet to master a healthy balance of reading and watching. This month is a mix of a lot of very different things. 

Personal Taste This is a Korean series that I cannot stop loving. I am a huge K-drama fan and these are definitely my guilty pleasures. Another thing I love is how Koreans always tend to look really well kept, and their houses are just, WOW. Especially the girl's house in this series, it has this very nicely done architecture, and I totally want my house to look like that complete with the sliding doors and all. 

The Lying Game Started watching this a couple months back and lost track. I don't much care for Emma or Sutton but Laurel is my girl. Since I started watching it, I thought I should finish it. 

Animal Farm This is a wonderful little animated movie and I definitely want to read the book. Being a business major, I have a tendency to love things that show leadership, conflict of power and such so this is a fantastic movie. I haven't watched till the ending yet. I really have to stop keeping movies half watched. 

How to Disappear Completely - David Bowick Started reading this yesterday in a very crowded ferry on my phone and I did like the beginning. Not sure if I follow completely yet, but I am very interested to find out what the title means and how the author is going to continue with this. 

Water for Elephants - Sara Gruen Started reading it at the start of the month mostly because it's a much hyped nano novel and I thought it would give me inspiration to write nano. Sometimes it is very very interesting and other times, it falls flat. I am not sure if I can relate with Jacob. I can relate with his younger self at circus in some way, but his older self seems very vain. 

Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus I know, I know. I do love this girl a lot and her voice is just golden. I also like the lyrics and it has this sense of mystery and melancholy to it that is just the right amount for me.  

Suggest me some good songs because I have been listening to the same songs lately. Also, what are you watching, reading and listening to?


  1. I absolutely LOVE Miley Cyrus! Her voice is amazing and her songs never disappoints. If you want a suggestion, check out Lorde. I'm sure you've heard Royals, but do check out her other songs. She cannot be compared with Miley because they have almost opposite styles. But I love them both anyway.

    I should really start reading again too. But life is so hectic these days I just can't find the time.

    1. I did listen to a couple of Lorde songs including Tennis Court and her voice is just so mesmerizing. Miley is an all time favourite since Hannah days and she also has a great personality which I don't think most people know.

      ah yes, reading is great. Congrats on the new job. I also work as a marketing executive, haha coincidence? :)


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