Sunday, December 15, 2013

DYMag November Issue

Seems like I'm always one month late in posting these things. :| Apologies for that but I hope you have read the November issue because it is fantastic. 

The November issue celebrates the campaign for Elimination of violence against women and kids y bringing lots of articles about the issue. The Nightmare Within is a story that I hope will make you think twice. Little Manhattan's review by Abo makes me want to watch the movie so much! In DYM Recommends, we look at movies, books and songs talking about violence against women and related issues. 

Pretty in Prints was such a fun photo-shoot and I'd like to thanks Onme, Odds&Ends and Finesse for lending us the wardrobe. We hope it inspires you. Nails with Naal is a new segment that has a nail tutorial, Naal is super duper talented, don't you think?

The cover people, Luna, Azzam and Zaain are such great people that they amaze us everyday with the things they do. I loved reading about their life. Ainth from Finesse, our wonder woman is the most brilliant person ever, seriously. She has been a great source of help and inspiration for DYMag from the start. 4:1 is the article of the month! Filled with great research and written well, it is an article not to be missed. 

Moving on the the theme, how to make the orange ribbon, youth profiles and catharsis, a thought provoking article by Alana is definitely things you need to check out. My article, 10 Free iPhone apps is something that all iPhone users can check for some cool apps. Thihnan, our health writer writes about Alopecia and choosing different kinds of berries. 

Bloodwritings poetry always makes me think twice, such painful words, such emotion. Literalyrics by Sharky is one of my most favourite columns. Try finding some hidden fun things. Under the Dome tells the age old story of love, with a new twist. The poems, what makes it worse, because brutal is reality, love song for the mistress and what had changed is just words woven into amazing-ness. 

Overall, I think it was a great issue. Have a read over HERE. 

Meanwhile, we are working super duper hard on the December issue! See you soon. 

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