Sunday, December 22, 2013

Only memories on the walls

It seems like it has been ages since I have not really been myself. I tried to do thing I enjoy, but somehow I just end up looking at the sky and wondering why. Friends seem to be having the most fun and even when I am with them, it just doesn't feel right. I don't even know the reason for this temporary melancholy. I try to get inspired. Poetry. Strawberry tea. Good books. Affirmation. 
Anyhow, I did have some good times over the last few weeks. 

The largest floating library "Logos Hope" was visiting Male' the other day and a few friends and I visited there. It was such a good experience and I wish I had enjoyed it more | We had a fun photo shoot for DYMag at Traders with really good company | Mick got her very first trophy and she was very happy about it. My parents have some cool traditions | Went to watch Hunger Games dressed as a Capitol person and had a blasting time there | Work photo-shoots are always fun and working with such talented people make me very happy indeed | Spent a lot of time my myself trying to be inspired by nature and finding little things that make me happy like greenery in the most unexpected places. 

I am currently reading a rather depressing book and trying to watch NCIS. Life is overall stable and I am looking forward to some things and also not looking forward to others. How are you doing dear readers?


  1. i'm alright. missed logos hope god darn it. but glad you had a good experience :)
    happy new year in advance!

    1. Ah, glad to know you are good. bummer, that was kind of a really good ones.
      Happy new year. :D


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