Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Letter from a Paper Person

This is a part review of the book Paper Towns by John Green. I love Mr Green, he is fantastic and I loved TFIOS so just putting it out there. 

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Dear Margo Roth Spiegelman

You make me really sad. You make me furious and you make me hate my own kind. You are the ultimate manic pixie dream girl and while Mr Green says otherwise, this is one instance where I disagree with him because you see Margo, you think you are this very deep person who can uproot someone else's life, not talk to them ever and then one night like a dream, come to that person and go on a manic pixie adventure with them only to pull off the most extensively planned disappearing act ever. Margo, YOU are not the center of the world but you can never see that because you don't even want to get off your high horse and you see the rest of us as paper people, living in our paper towns and eating our pretty cornflakes while you go and shave off people's eyebrows and leave dead fish everywhere. 

I am not impressed. You dragged Quentin along this whole thing and didn't look back to see how he was doing. If you really care about Q, perhaps that was not the way to do it. You like to romanticize pain, which is okay to some extent. I do too, but Margo YOU do not exist just so you can get some guy out of his misery. YOU are a person who has people but you push them away and then run. You leave notes and clues and live off on your own which I actually really liked but the way you chose to do that was awful. You missing your graduation, classes and life so you can get away and live on an actual paper town is everything you tend to stand against. 

I tried to understand you Margo because I thought I could relate to you but in between road trips and missing a whole senior year, I liked Q's friends more. At least they have things they beleive in and when things don't go the way they want, they don't run away. They face their problems and don't drag their neighbors into a mess of a Nancy Drew debacle which you would call an adventure. Afterall, Q coming after you is the best thing to ever happen to Q right? Wrong. Q cares about people, especially you and that's his hamartia. His blinded love for you makes him weak but also strong but you have no right to drag him into your mess while you never ever involved him in your life before. 

If you really didn't care about being popular, when why did you always hang out with them and date the hot guy and basically treat everyone else as crap? If you so dearly love the metaphors and you want to have the deep understanding of life, why didn't you actually do anything to change yourself that way or change the people close to you? 

What a hypocrite you are Margo Roth Spiegelman and that's the lowest form of insult for you. One thing I'm glad is that Q realizing that you are not some precious thing nor a line of poetry and that you are just a girl, I would more put it as a selfish brat. 


One of the paper people you dislike so much.  

Also, this is the best sum of of the book I found by a Goodreads member, Lev." Guy wastes his senior year to find a girl who likes to sleep in random places" hahahaha. I'm sorry Mr G, but I kinda hated this book with burning passion. 

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  1. Gahd! I'm so glad I'm not the only one!! I read this book a few months back and everything about it infuriated me. Literally everything. Even Q. Because he was pathetic for going on this wild chase for someone so so so not worth it. For someone so selfish!

    You should read Looking for Alaska. Slightly less infuriating and a much better read. If you don't have the eBook, I can send it to you :)


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