Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 in a Nutshell

I do posts like these pretty much every year and its a great look back on all the great memories. You can check by 2014 posts HERE. 

Last year was a year of so many adventures. Honestly, I had a brilliant year. 
Keeping with my tradition of giving new year gifts to the 10 people who made my last year, I made personalized notebooks for friends and it was such a fun experience.

Then a bunch of my friends threw me a surprise party! (my first surprise party not by parents hahaha) It was such a blast with the fake snow and rounds of two truths and a lie. 

Then there were trips to islands on workshops. I always love outreach programs and forever grateful when I get to volunteer or take sessions. Travelling is one of my favourite things ever. 

How can I forget about Twitsal? It was this futsal competition and it was my first time actually playing in it. It was a blast. 

I was featured in a magazine! AHH good times. Thanks so much to the team at Veekly. It was nice hanging out with them and answering questions. 

I started making book reviews on YouTube which was fun. I'm hoping to continue this year too. My love for books just got ten times more intense, hahaha
MMKF was another fun trip that I'm so glad for. 

The highlight of my year was Eid trip because it was so much fun and I had a great time with my friends celebrating Eid.

So, here's to more fun stuff this year. I hope your year was filled with love, friendship, family and adventure. 
Here's to a fantastic year! 

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