Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What 2015 Taught Me

If I had to sum of the last 4 years in what it taught, here's how it would go

2011 - Not being selfish
2012 - Giving back to society
2013 - Going after my passion
2014 - Being kind to strangers

and this year; oh what a roller coaster it has been.

2015 you've broken my heart. You've shown me how vulnerable I really am, that how much I still cannot control things that happen to me. You made me fall in love with someone and then shown me how heartbreak is not as romantic as they show in Hallmark movies, that there is no happy ending to it, that it happens to even the best of us. You showed me that it hurts and the funny thing is in 2013  I had asked god to let me experience any kind of heartbreak because I thought I was dead inside, and little did I know 3 years later, you'd do exactly that. It was messy and terrible and it took me most of the year to try to come to terms with it. 

2015 you've given me lifelong friends and I can't be thankful enough. I already had such amazing friends and I thought that was the best I could get and you've proven me wrong by adding some beautiful people into my life. How amazing is it to be surprised with new people with diverse interests and their own little victories and life stories.

2015 you've made my faith in people stronger. I've seen friends do great things, go after their dreams, fall in love, fall out of love, get heartbroken, get depressed. You've shown me just how human we are and I love it. Thank you for letting me become a part of people's happiness and sorrows. You have no idea how much it means to get to be a part of someone else's life. You've showed me people can be so so much better and that they actually are. You always surprise me that despite how many people break my trust, how many more gain it every year.

2015 you've been both so kind and so terrible at the same time it's not even funny. I have lost count of all the time you've made me laugh and cry, how much you've broken me and yet healed me. The thing is, you learn from so many things and a year later you find that it has shaped you; for the better or worse and you can only hope it's not the latter. I'm so ready for this year to end because I can't wait for 2016! I have so many plans and so much lessons to learn. 

Overall, despite everything terrible, I'm also glad for so so much great things that happened in 2015 (and is to happen in the next few days!). Thank you for adding another 12 months life into my days! Let's hope 2016 is a year of bravery; of letting my walls down and trusting people more; of rebuilding my faith and giving back; of new adventures and climbing higher.

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  1. don't worry shahaa if a stranger like me who know you only through your writing and has madly fallen in love with you, we can safely say that you will find a person a lot closer(and real) right?


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