Friday, March 25, 2016

5 New TV Shows To Catch Up On

I love new TV shows because it means I can quickly catch up with them and the magic of finding new people to adore, new families to laugh together with and new adventures to go is just amazing. I've been watching quite a lot of new TV shows recently and loving some of them. Here are 5 new TV shows that are still in Season 1 so you can quickly catch up with the new episodes. 

1. Crazy Ex-girlfriend

I can't rave about this show enough. It's a musical comedy (juts in time to fill the hole Glee left) about an impulsive girl who moves to a small town on a whim to find love and meets a bunch of funny characters who has problems of their own. You'll love Rebecca Bunch who is smart and funny but completely crazy. The show is just hilarious and each episode has at least one musical number as she moves along finding out who she is and what she needs in life. You'll laugh along and ship her either with Josh, Greg or therapy. 

2. Grandfathered

This is such a sweet and funny comedy about a family (sort of) featuring Josh Peck (from Drake and Josh) and John Stamos (hello Uncle Jesse, and how are you still so hot, ugh) as the unlikely father son duo. So Jimmy is a bachelor who finds that he has a son and a grand daughter and this new family basically brings a lot of changes to his life. You'll love the little girl Edie and all the funny references and guest stars (both Danny and Joe from Full House as well as Drake!). It's lovely and sweet and funny and makes you miss the nostalgia of shows like Full House. 

3. The Magicians

This is Harry Potter + Chronicles of Narnia for grown-ups. It's not kid magic. It's not oh happily ever after and fairy godmothers. This is dark and explicit with gruesome death, sex and consequences. I love this show so much. Every episode is filled with adventure and danger and it is basically the drug we all need after Harry Potter ended. It revolves around the students in Breakbills, a magical school and around Filary which is sort of like Narnia. I don't want to give too much away into the story but it's absolutely addictive and fantastic. 

4.  Quantico

I'm a sucker for police procedure-ish stuff and while this isn't exactly a case by case show, it has the danger and drama of one. As a huge Bollywood nut, I am so happy to see Prinyanka as the lead in this show, she's killing it plus there's a hijab clad girl. Hello inclusion. It's nerve kicking, completely insane at times and absolutely brilliantly told in the most suspenseful manner. I can't get enough of this show and its diverse cast. 

5. Supergirl

I'm not generally a huge superhero fan but I do love a woman superhero. Kara is adorable and funny. I absolutely love Winn and Kara but my favourite is Cat Grant. She's absolutely fantastic and inspirational. Love the romances and ofcourse the ass kicking action in this. 

So, what new TV shows are you loving?


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