Thursday, March 22, 2018

Currently: March 2018

This month is not very high on entertainment, I've mostly been either sleeping or working, there is no in between, sigh. But in the meanwhile, the little breaks I get I try to read a bit or watch a couple episodes and the amount of things I need to catch up on just keeps piling up. 

Best Lover | I sw a netflix preview for this and the storyline just screamed at me. Yes, I'm a junkie for shows where people enter into fake marriages (how IS THIS EVEN A THING?) and later fall in love. I've been binging it for about two days now and I can't get enough of the two main characters. The story is also multi layered and definitely keeps getting better with each episode. 

The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale | What a mouthful. I absolutely love Joel since his Jeff in community days. He makes fun of popular TV shows on this show and it's just my weekly dose of pop culture with some added quips. Joel is just great. 

Everything Sucks | You can see I've been Netflix binging for a while now haha. This show was another cute 90s nostalgia show with a bit of a coming of age story. The characters are so lovable and the amount of growth you see throughout the show is phenomenal. Plus, ah the music, takes me back to my childhood. 

Folk Tales of the Maldives by Xavier Romero-Frias | This was a casual read pick for this month for my book club and as someone from Maldives, I do need to brush up on my folklore, we seem to have a very rich (maybe not so diverse) folk history. So far, I'm only about a couple pages in. 

The Sleep Walker's Guide to Dancing by Mira Jacob | Yes, I am still reading this. It's not that it's hard to read but the subject matter is a bit difficult to gulp down in one setting. I am very determined to finish this book tho. It's about a second gen Indian family living in Seattle and their hardships and family woes, along with some trauma and illnesses. 

Welcome to Nightvale | I very recently started listening to this masterpiece of a show and now I want Cecil to narrate my entire life. This show is so nonsensical and random and so full of whimsy. I love all the characters and the things that happen in this town. Whenever I'm journalling or folding laundry or just generally doing chores, I'll put this on and Cecil's smooth voice will make everything so much more interesting. 

What's keeping you entertained?

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