Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thanks Mini and Rifoo

Sorry for not posting the previous days. I was buy with the environs fair. A big BIG thanks to
Mini and Rifoo for helping us. A big thanks to u guys, without u it wouldn’t eve have finished and we got so many visitors and thx for visiting guys.
Now as its all over ill be posting some scrapbook page about the memories of the fair which I'm making ( with some of those lovely smiley's u guys made).
Thanks a lot.

Here is a scrapbook page which I made for the pink and brown challenge(challEnge ge spelling mihaaru rangalhu dhoa
Rifoo :D) but I was late on posting, so its here. Hope u guys like it. It is actually kinda my mission statement.


  1. awww.. you are welcome!
    im sorry i couldnt help you guys out that night

  2. @mini
    its ok we were wble to tackle with the crowd:D

  3. whoaaaaaa!!!
    i juz saw ur posssssst!
    no pwoblemowwzzz shahaatoez *egyptian dance*
    hehehe american english challenge dhoww?? :P lil fwoookiezz! :D
    yeahhh n like mini said...sowee v cudnt make it dat nite...weeeeaaali wanted to help though!!!
    nnn thanx for da posst...seein my 'barakaaitheri' name in a possst makes me jummp up nnn down wit joyyyy!!! whoooooooooooooooooop whoooooooooooooop!!! :D


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