Saturday, September 13, 2008

Birthday Girls

Whoa! Longtime no update! I know, I have been busy, umm, really busy! So today is the 8th birthday of my one and only kiddy Sissy Muntha, and the 1st birthday of my one and only niece Al! A very happy birthday to both of u!

Its just so funny when two people from the same family is born on the same date! And 9th sept was the twins birthday!, They had a party at Food court and on that night, something funny happened. I came from tution by 9:30, and our family was going to the party. So we called for 2 cabs, and one came really soon, so mom, muntha and thittha went in that! So me, Thuttha n thas were waiting for our cab, and it came exactly 10 mins late! sheesh! Ans so we just got on it and told the driver to go to Food court. he asked where it was? We said we donno! He asked why are coming in the cab to go places where w e dont know? Damn!

I was really surprised and a bit angry. I mean we called a cab cox we donno how to go! And we were paying him, thats what matters right? I dont understand these crazy damn bloody people!

Any ways, that night went really great, except the fact that ninni made me and thuttha play "Ring a Ring a Roses" with her thrice, infront of everyone! Duh!^.^

PS, I wanted to put a pic of muntha, but she didnt quite like the idea, so thats a girl who looks like her minus the specs!


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