Sunday, November 1, 2009

In Another World


Life is much better these days..I'm having so much fun, learning new things, helping people, and being myself.. xD

So, yesterday, I had a chance to volunteer for this treasure hunt for the deaf, which was organized by the MDA (Maldivian deaf association).. I was paired with Niya and Shaheez and we were near the Tsunami Binaa.. Those guys are so amazing.. It felt like we were in another world.. I never experienced anything like that before.. And oh, I also learned how to say my name in sign language.. xD and to say goodnight! \m/

Plus, we had so much fun, joked, and yeah ate and all..

Its a day I would probably remember! xD

And, we had prize day on Friday.. Jalsaa was boring, but we had fun at the end.. And I didn't know we get Discipline Prize in CPE too.. Haha.. You guys should work hard to get discipline prize in your fav subject.. Hint: go to classes regularly, and be a nerd! xD

BTW, the pic is from Peachjuice, DA..



  1. Shweetikle liked this post :P
    I learnt those stuff too! shaha name show kuraa iru heevanee aiy folhaalaahenn! hahaha :P
    its so beautiful to watch them =)
    so quiet and peaceful and adorable ^.^

  2. doing volunteer work gives a very good feeling..yeah...its light ur so light and happy :D

  3. @Shweetikle, Yayy! I should get a like button dho.. haha
    See, I'm special *aiy folhaalaningz*

    @Sophu, Yeah.. and Thanks.. x]

  4. hey i just dropted bye by the way awsome post XD


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