Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A to Z:The World Goes Round And Round

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A is for Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.. Ranbir + Kat = Chemistry!
B is for Boo you!
C is for Can’t-think-of-anything-for-C! hmph
D is for Donuts.
E is for Emma Watson..
F is for Fenna hindhu komme thaakun? I just LOL every time I see the song, or hear it.. And Sharu said She’d be a palm tree.. LOL
G is for Genelia and Ritiesh! I just love both of them.. SO does Thuttha.. Our taste is so matchy matchy! xD
H is for Haulvidhaa.. Yummy Yum
I is for I-cant-make-any-crafts.. and it sucks.. Big Time.. You ask why? Cos my aunt took most of my stationeries, even the extra ones.. Ugh..
J is for Jay Bhanushali!
K is for Kareena Kapoor.. I’ve always been a Kareena fan, since I saw her in Refugee.. My fav Kareena movie is Golmaal Returns.. I’ve watched it like a 10 times, and still every time I watch it, it becomes more funnier.. xD
L is for Laala.. This one cute chocolate listener.. She is just so creative!
M is for MDA.. Maldivian Deaf Association FTW!
N is for Niya.. She is so much fun.. xD
O is for Ozzy, a funny BGK listener!
P is for Prize Day.. It looked like Hiriyaa School Weds CHSE, lol.. But was so much fun!! Reunion!!
Q is for Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak.. x]
R is for Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat.. I just love the new twist.. No, I'm not a fan of Raja’s.. They are so royal and stuff, not in a good way though..
S is for Season 13 of ANTM.. I was so disappointed Celia didn't win last season.. This time, the models are short, and I'm sad Doe didn't make it either.. But hey, I might find a new favorite.. x]
T is for Tweetdeck.. Its like I cannot even live without it.. haha..
U is for Upun.. As in the gangster Hindi language.. Haha..
V is for Victory Day! They showed the video we shot back in 2007.. Good to see some old faces! x]
W is for WishWishWish.. OMG! She’s my newest favorite blogger..
X is for Exes, as in Ex bf’s Ex prezs, and Ex classmates.. x]
Y is for Yo! \m/
Z is for Zzzzzzzzz


  1. nah ur not a lazy blogger... =) eid mubarick to youu too buh i m .. i gess i m too late huh? ok vaney dho? hehe

  2. and this time swine flu akaa hedi eves taakaves nudevee den keekuraa eid hedumey dhoo i ves mifaharu nuganan eid dress ey but new year ay maby i will buy xD

  3. @Cutie Cheekz, nice name you got there! xD hehe, and thanks.. =>


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