Friday, November 27, 2009

Eid Mubarak!

Its been so long.. Lazy bloger will now probably be an understatement... So, I wouldnt go there..
Anyways, Eid Mubarak to you all, If by now I actually have any readers left.. I promise I'll make it up to you, somehow.. hehe..

But then, my pc crashed, I probably am gonna lose all my pictures, movies, and everything saved on my comp.. So sad.. )=

I was so bored, have absolutely nothing to do, and have no access to internet, or anything whatsoever, since Im also on a three day holiday from work.. I bet when all this ends, all my fishes and farms will be gone, for good..

And I used my time wisely.. What did I do? I worked on my first dress.. Yes, the vesry first step to reach my fashion design dreams.. x] I got the fabric last week, so I sewed part of the ruffles today, and now Im at Kuda's place.. Wearing my checkerboard dress, with hints of yellow.. YES, I dont have an eid dres.. But hey, Its kinda fun.. LOL

Until next time,

(pic by haneefisa)



  1. i wanna see that dress :]
    so , yeah eid mubarik to you too; to tell you the truth, i haven't said that to anyone today x]

  2. Hey ma pc chrashed too and my everything was gone too this week...=[

    Hey thats amazing, its a really cool thing, being a fashion designer and if then i am going to go to you to sew all ma dresses!! x]

    EID MUBAARIIK< SHWEETY SHAHAA!! and im apdated do comment ingey!! =]

  3. tsk tsk. pc crash o. but you tweet tweet. i think twitter and fb is responsible for most bloggers being silent here these days.

    gud luck with your designing twitpic the dress or somethin.


  4. @Xeeko, hehe.. thats sweet enough. xD

    @Sassy, haha.. thankyou.. (=

    @moyameehaa, yeah pretty much. haha!

  5. cool i wanna see the dress too =]....

    hmm are u tlkin about the india goal keeper this time?
    ... i just started wondering whats kind of eyes does he have?.... he never miss any ball except for oppos ge goal haha...
    yeah i was so bumped when they didnt win... sure ofcourse next time haha

    ur so lucky i mean fashoin designer... it awsome... dnt worry about the speelin i m always like that xD

  6. @cutie, yeah I do have to admit, he's pretty good.. xD haha, and thanks.. xD


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