Monday, December 21, 2009

When I Close My Eyes I Dream

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This is merely a life update..
Job is going pretty well.. Kel is the new temp boss.. We have fun at work, play Farmville, and cook stuff.. Buy holsten, cos redbull is too expensive.. and blah blah.. Still, I feel like something is missing..
I'm just too lazy these days, lazy that I don't make cards, write in my journal, do fashion stuff, or even visit library.. And I loved to do these.. I donno what’s gotten into me.. I feel so sleepy all the time, and I'm almost always late for stuff..
This picture used to give me inspiration, but now its just like another picture..
I also finished my dress.. Yippee, It looks good enough for my first project.. haha.. Needs to take a pic though.. I'm too lazy to do that too.. argh!
Anyways just to let you know that I'm still alive, and well, just well.. and also I have been accepted to college, if I haven't told you that yet..
How is your life? I'm sure its less boring-er than mine, so do share in the comments!


  1. cool post?

    KAL is ur temp boss ey? how did that happen? and BTW way i think its high time that u got into a relation coz i think u have got matured enough =p hehehe.i guess thats the thing missing from ur life.

    just an advice ingey =p

    and now don't ask me for tips ingey =p all i can say is the same what u guys say in choco be ur self =p

    heres sumthing which inspires me.

  2. yup yup..
    well actualli.. sumtimes..
    life gets soo boring tht u just begin to get lazyyyy..
    thts wat happens to me..
    especially these days..
    wen theres nothing to do..

    i reaaaliii reaaliii understand ur situation..
    sooo im just waiting for muuthi to get bck to get rid of my boredom..
    gud luck to u..

  3. @muawwaz, that is a long story.. well, our boss is on holiday.. lol

    yeah maybe.. hehe.. thanks.. and thanks for the song.. xD

    @lilly, yeah pretty much.. hehe.. good luck.. and thanks.. xD

  4. you are healthy? O.o

    documenting your family tree is a cool thing xD

    and whaaat? you own a MAC? i never knew.

    you give free i love you's to people. LOL

    cool post
    me likes it

    and where are your 2010's resolutions??

  5. Where are the resolutions for this year?

    Awesome post.. Clean freak is a good way to go, you know :p

  6. @iththi, yes I am actually getting fat.. I'm getting near to size Zero.. I should totally start going to gym.. >.<
    Umm, I don't think we both are talking about the same MAC here.. I was talking about my MAC mascara.. =/
    Only to people whom I love.. Seriously! whats with you guys.. hmph

    It'll be coming on very soon.. I still have many scheduled posts coming..

    @Shaayan, coming soon xD


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