Tuesday, December 15, 2009

There’s Always A Next Time

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After the much expected SAFF trophy landed in India’s hands, Maldivians everywhere cried. It was a sad moment. I for one, watched football for the first time in my life, only for 15 minutes and it was boring. But it was long enough for me to also notice the Indian goal keeper, OMG! That tight-wearing-man of the match- angry looking goal keeper! Even thinking about that’s gonna give me nightmares. lol
Anyways, We pray and hope that next time, we’ll win. Insha Allah.
Life’s going pretty well. Im gonna go to college today to get my letter of either rejection, or the other. Lets hope Im selected! cos, I have no plan B yet! ugh!
Plus my dress, its almost complete, and it looks very pro. >.< I shall show you a pic once its done.. xD
So, what is your feelings about the football match? and about the goalkeeper? I’d love to know. lol


  1. cool post.

    First of all regarding the football match what I could say is that Maldivians had to learn 2 lessons. They are:
    1. Respect your opponent always.
    2. Never Expect so much.

    secondly the referee should have shown a red card to the goalkeeper for wearing a tight instead of a short. its even against the football rules =p

    As a third point I wanna say is that the referee had issues. either he was bribed or he supported Indian team.

    for forth point I would say that the Maldivian football team didn't perform well as much as they should have......

    as a fifth and the last point i would say that i have learned my lesson......... =p

  2. haha.. shaha!! ur right.. =p =p ohmigosh i larfed so much for tht tight of the goal keeper..

    keke.. dhen anyways insha allah next time is ours again...

  3. @Muawwaz, Agree with the lessons.. Maybe, Just Maybe Indians can wear too short and tight tights.. O.o Disturbing!
    Good to know that you;ve learned your lesson.. but hey, we all had fun, right? and thats what counts.. xD

    @lilly, haha.. He made such an impression.. lol


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