Thursday, December 17, 2009

A to Z: The Over Procrastinated One

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A is for Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, it was so amazing.. Ranbir and Kat doesnt get any cuter.. (=
B is for Bachelors!I am going to college! xD Yay Me! Im so so happy, I even started my back to college wardrobe.. lol
C is for CID.. I mean, the drama in Sony TV.. Its so interesting.. >.<
D is for Dr Goldfoot And The Bikini Machine.. Its an 80’s movie, and I love it.. haha.. Very Cheesy..
E is for Eid, the most boring Eid in my whole life.. Going to CPE exam in Eid was actually better than staying at home.. >.<
F is for Femina, and Fimfare.. Femina’s much worth the money than the other.. But hey, I got a cute picture of Geenu and Riteish.. xD And you are most welcome to borrow them..
G is for Get togethers.. Im invited to three this weekend, make it four including a wedding.. First is a twitter coffee, then an HFM dinner, a friend-who-owes-me-dinner dinner, and wedding of a very rich relative (winter themed)..
H is for Holsten, my new favorite drink.. Plus it’s chaper than redbull.. )=
I is for Iththi, my new twitter bestfriend, along with Yaamyn, my other best pal.. xD
J is for Jab Se Dekha He Tere Haath Ka Chaand, from the movie Jeena Sirf Mere Liye.. I am a huge fan of Kareena.. xD
K is for Kurbaan.. Still havent watched it.. Will.. Very Soon.. xD
L is for Love.. <3
M is for Mrs. World..I cannot even count how many times they’ve shown that on Star World
N is for National Football team, We salute you! xD
O is for Omlets.. Dont ask me why!
P is for Parteys and Police.. So, some Partays came to hfm, and so did police.. And I had to wait so long to get home, cos those Partays blocked the way.. hmph.. I'm no fan of Partays or Police, but I like CID.. Does that even count? lol
Q is for Quartile.. I somehow remembered certain not-to-be-mentioned-again business words.. LMAO
R is for Rainbow Hair, this beautiful picture..
S is for “S”. I’ve got this S set, with a pink pendant, a pink ring, and the earrings.. The Earrings, I used them in some craft projects.. haha
T is for Tight wearing goal keepers who distract poeple watching the match.. *ehem ehem*
U is for Umbrella.. There’s a very cute silent cartoon on TVM.. I love it! <3
V is for Veer! Come on, Im outta good stuff.. Argh
W is for Wizards Of Waverly Place.. Max is my absolute favorite!
X is for Xmas.. And No, I don't celebrate Christmas, but I just love the fact they give presents to each other and all the Shopping..
Y is for You wouldn't believe how long I’ve been procrastinating putting this post in my blog.. haha
Z is for Zilch!

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