Monday, May 23, 2011

Exam Time

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That one time in every semester, where we all end up studying, praying for good marks, and generally giving the attention those books deserve.  I have a love hate relationship with exams. Sometimes, when I have studied a lot, I love them. Other times, I feel bad about having to do one.
But what always makes me feel nostalgic is the going on to the exam hall leaving the bags behind with only the pens, and a water bottle. Sitting there waiting wand waiting cursing the time for being so slow and hating the invigilator for keeping on talking about rules, and being unable to even get a peek at the paper lying right in front of me. Having problems with the pin drop silence and always being the one who makes most noise, thanks to me always getting desks with uneven legs.
Then comes the part where I brush through questions, make up my mind which ones to do, reading reading, and hating the invigilator once again for giving 30 minutes to read and there I sit unable to write anything even though my head is bursting with all the things I remember from the notes because it’s reading time! So I write write write and get a bit of RSI, and still write write, and somewhere in between realize how poor my handwriting has gotten since my golden days at Ifthithaah. After sometime, feeling like I am the only one writing and looking up to see everyone lost in their papers, and then observing people to give my hands a rest. And then again its all write write till I finish! Then raising my hand and hating the invigilator for not noticing even when it has been up for almost a minute, and feeling like a complete idiot.
AND Finally, I walk as quick as I can, and get out of the exam hall. *sigh* I just stand there taking a long breath and head to library to look at some cook books to make up for my hungriness and waiting for the rest of classmates to finish.
Well, two more exams to go, and then I will have some time to do some cooking I guess. All those looking at cookbooks makes me want to be the nest Martha Stewart. =P
Good luck to everyone.


  1. YES! Invigilators suck most of the times!!! Totally agreed!! And guess what, I am almost the same way you mentioned!!
    All the best for rest of the exam :) Do well!

  2. haha .. nice !!.. and gudluckk

  3. well...i can relate to this.

  4. Adi, I kinda guessed too. =)

    Dhona, thanks

    Rifga, yay to us!


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