Thursday, June 2, 2011

Holidays and HTML

I am no good when it comes to HTML, in fact I am so horrible at it that it took me almost four days to figure out everything to my last template and another four to develop it by altering some things. *sigh* So, do you like the new template? I think I found blogger designer yesterday, and spent the whole of yesterday and today designing this. Thank god I didn’t have to alter any HTML, I think rich text is my new best friend.

A year ago, I wouldn’t even dream of a day I would use HTML and rich text in one sentence, and look. I did. My inner geek is rather proud today.

So, exams over and holidays have started, most of which are spent watching “Two and a Half Men” and reading old issues of Filmfare. Some of the things I have planned for this holiday are;

  • Watch all seasons of “Two and a Half Men” – which is going at a pretty fast rate. I don’t really care for any character other than Jake, but it’s an OK show.
  • Blog Makeover – done
  • Read “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” – As tis is my last teen year, I am certainly using this book to my advantage.
  • Design some clothes – I have started sketching a few, and it’s very very exciting.

and enjoy the holiday mostly. I also need to start rushing up some subjects for next semester, as my grades are diminishing, and I need to keep straight GPA’s. Meanwhile, enjoy the holidays everyone!


  1. I've given my feedback about the makeover through wall posts, n cbox already! =D I repeat: Its amazing!

    Enjoy the holidays, making toasts n everything! Cheers! :D

  2. Adi, yeah. Thanks a lot. <3


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