Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh Hello!

Hey guys! I am alive! =) I have been MIA for a few weeks now, ei. Well, I took a week off internet because there was just too much going on. I needed some time off to read some books and focus on my studies, and I have been busy as a bee this week. Actually I have two assignments due tomorrow, and none of them are complete and yet I am here watching America’s Next Top Model. *sigh*
On the bright side, this is my last week of studies, and I am getting a study break before exams. YAY. Also we are going to go to Thai Wok tomorrow night for a dinner with uni-mates. ^^ I have never had Thai cuisine, so this is very exciting for me.
There is so much going right now and I would love to tell everyone all about it but maybe another time. For now, be happy and eat Toffees. I love them. They are my instant mood brighter candy!
Here’s a shout out to my crazy friend who is a good normal kinda guy who made the saddest brightest! Thanks for being you and keeping up with my babble. <3


  1. So you're alright now! Happy for you! :) <3

  2. whoaaa! how long has it been since I visited your blog? its all changed. looks great, Shaha :)
    my blog is definitely dead and I don't think it can even be resurrected haha! its SAD.

  3. Naina, ah. Thanks so much. I try to keep it alive, heh.
    You should revive it too. It's never dead until it is, eh!

  4. ohh shaha .. nice to see you around .. you inspire us all =D ..
    and guess you will see me around more often here after XD *fingers crossed*

  5. ne3, yeah you too. thanks so much hehe. looking forward!


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