Saturday, September 10, 2011

Misunderstood ads and tragedies.

This week has been a busy week. Yes people. My life has finally taken the busy turn. I hardly have any time (and if I even have them, I spend it watching too much Criminal Minds. Did I tell you how obsessed I am about Spencer Reid/Matthew Gray Gubler? HE’S THE BOMB!). Lets see.

Tuesday, we on our KFLFL project, had our very first focus group in FMC and it went better than we could imagine. Honest. Now I feel like I should be a researcher instead. =] Despite the obstacle in the form of university guards ( Don’t ask. I think they have something against me, personally. But then again, I think everyone has something against me. It makes living all that mush exciting. You should try that too.) and running out of time, but we had so much fun playing miming and stuff. Getting people to come to these events are hard, even with free food. –__-  Next day was full of classes and boring things. Nothing too exciting. Then Thursday came. First we were supposed to share our fav ad with the class. Me being an ad junkie (when I used to watch Hindi series, I would watch ads and then change channels when the drama came. I am THAT drawn to those stuff) I went through most of my fav ads and decided to go with the Conan ad for AmEx, thinking that people would get it cos well, it’s simple and very interesting. But sadly, none of them seemed to understand the jokes Conan put, which was REALLY HILARIOUS. Now I am forced to believe that my classmates must be aliens. Or they didn’t get the ad because I got it in the best quality and so it was too high resolution for FMC PC’s to play and got stuck every two seconds. NOT FUN! Here’s the ad for those interested. I think it’s one of the best ads of the year, and hope it wins the Emmy Award this time!

Yesterday, like every other Maldivian, I woke up to the sad and tragic news of the death of four of our young students and the principal of Hiriya School. It was a moment of sadness for the whole country. May Allah bless the souls of these five people. The principal was brave and a true Maldivian hero who died trying to save his students. We all need people like him to be our leaders. People who not only talk the talk, but are willing to walk the walk as well. At times like these, I am proud that we Maldivians forget out differences and unite as a whole to mourn the huge loss.

In the evening, I was to attend the twins birthday, which was fun spending time with cousins. They are so hilarious and never a dull moment when they are around. Today, I am planning another KFLFL thing, and then a family photo session is in the works. For now, I am listening to very hyper Hindi songs burning my mint oil which has a lovely aroma.

How was your week people?

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