Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rebecca who?

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I admit, I was one of those people who watched the song Friday just to see how ridiculous it was. I know, I’m not exactly a saint, eh. Well, the lyrics were horrible, but I kinda liked her. I mean she was a bit different from the skinny YouTube types. I would know cos I watch these skinny YouTube types. I don’t know much about auto tune, so no argument there. But basically, Friday was not the best debut song but it actually opened door for her. The whole hate thing, much like YouTube turned celeb singer Justin Bieber whose haters made him famous and thus became a huge teen sensation, blah blah. Again I kinda dislike this guy too. I must sound like a complete cliché. Well, I like some of his songs and how he treats his fans, but his hair and “baby” is just few things I do NOT like.
Few weeks ago, when Rebecca announced on her twitter (I don’t follow her, I just go through LOTS of gossip sites because I apparently have too much free time on my hands due to the fact that I procrastinate too much on my assignments.) that her new song “My Moment” is out, and I checked it. Well, it was actually good. My music taste is not the most normal of things so you may disagree, but I really like it. The lyrics were catchy (in a good way, unlike her previous song. Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday is not something I want to keep playing in my mind all day!) and the music video was pretty nice. Apart from the harem pant adorned dancing group which must be due to my unlike-ness to harem pants. Anything that tries to bring too much attention into anyone’s crotch IS NOT GOOD, and should NOT BE WORN! It’s worse that fluorescent skinny pants and too much animal prints. Honestly.
So if you haven’t watched it already I would recommend you to watch it. You would either hate it and go on all “oh Rebecca black sings another song? The world is gonna end” phase or go “meh, next!” or you would fall in love with it and start listening to it for two weeks straight and also introduce it to your two year old sister who would then keep playing this song until you feel annoyed at yourself for introducing the song to her in the first place. That MAY OR MAY NOT be what happened to me.
On a not Rebecca Black related note, today we went to Hulhumale’ to do a mini research to get ready for tomorrow’s meeting for the KFLFL project and it was fun. Gigs’ BBQ was great as well. Anyone who knows me would know that I don’t do very good with food. By the end of appetizer, I was full. –___- Still, the whole experience was enjoyable and I loved it.
PS Wish me good luck for tomorrow’s meeting. I’m keeping my stilettos at the ready!

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