Monday, September 5, 2011

Opportunity cost, Y U NO FUN?

I hate opportunity cost. In fact, I used to love Economics until this came up. Wait, I never really loved economics. Let’s say I kinda had a crush on it, which lasted until the second term in grade eight! We had a love hate relationship till end of 2006, and we broke up. Then somewhere in the middle of 2007, we got back together (I don’t really regret this move, but there have been better moves in my life) and our relationship saw the saddest days. We had so complicated problems and it felt cheated cos I was giving too much attention to math! drama queen! –__- Well, we broke it off again mid 2009 only to get back after six months. I finally decided it was time I ended this relationship because it was hurting both of us, and we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways by the end of last year. I know, it sounds melodramatic, huh. But I wish our relationship was that fun. It consisted of lots of curves though.
I wasn’t actually gonna tell you guys about this, but since we’re on the topic I hate Economics. Hate is a big word which I tend to misuse a lot, but I mean it here. What I meant to say through all that mumble jumble of nonsense is that I spend a lot. WHOA. You did NOT get that, right?? No kidding. Well, I have this problem with buyer’s remorse. It’s this fancy business term for the kind of guilt you feel after buying something, usually something expensive or something you won’t use.
I keep promising myself that I will not buy stuff that I don’t need (which is why I made a very complicated budget which probably looks way longer than it should and stuff but it didn’t help much) but I ended up doing so. The last few days have been going so good now I feel like I’m back where I started. It’s not even been two days. *sigh*
Whatever. I don’t care. I’m gonna pretend that nothing happened and just carry on. Until I finally can’t get over this and start screaming in class. I never do that except this one time I was so lost in something that I screamed FroYo. I was so disappointed later, NOT because I screamed but because no one, including my teacher Mr. S seemed to know what it was. MY LIFE WAS OVER FROM THAT MOMENT ON. NOT REALLY. JUST KIDDING.WHATEVER.IM GONNA WRITE IN CAPS BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE YELLING AT DAHLIA. NO SHE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING. IM JUST UPSET. THAT’S ENOUGH.
I hope you’d still be here. I promise, tis phase will be gone soon. I hope.


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