Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oh hi, hey there!

Sorry I have been totally MIA for the past week. Been extremely busy with the last presentations and reports. It went quite well, despite the too much procrastination and last minute work. I have also been watching way too much Warehouse 13 (TOTALLY DIG CLAUDIA AND TODD <3) and Pretty Little Liars and now Two and a Half Men especially the part in the theme song where Jake grows. Totally hils!
Also my house has been kinda ransacked twice by thieves. On broad daylight, while people were NOT sleeping! The first time, some guy took 4kgs of arecanuts. I know, lame even for a thief. People like him probably give a bad name to the profession. No one saw the crime take place, because it was probably well planned. Yesterday, some dude asked me whether the ranhadhaa place in the block (which is inside my house, kind of!) would be open, and I told him not, because it was Friday and they close the place. Apparently he went and took everything there. I felt so guilty as if it was because of me that he did it. But of course, I was just a little pawn in his game, or whatever. Its hard to live in your own home now let alone talk to people. I have to live in constant fear not to be mugged while eating! NOT COOL!
Exams start from tomorrow, and my life’s pretty stable now. Exciting things, too much drama (am I the only one whose life is not dramatic? SUCKS!) and lots of studying going on now.
Also some movies I watched in the past week;
  • Legally Blonde 2 – How can you NOT love Elle Woods? Of course I am completely in awe of movies with too much pink/shopping/romance in it! 4.5/5 – KEEPERS.
  • The Parent Trap – I totally love this movie. It reminds me how na├»ve and ambitious and good people can be and yes I am talking about Lindsey. She was SO talented! 4/5 – GOOD ONES.
  • 10 Things I Hate About You – I watched a series based on this, and it was kinda good too, but this was freaking amazing. TOTALLY loved Kat and Patrick of course. 4.5/5 – KEEPERS.
  • Monte Carlo – Despite Sel and Leighton starring in it, this just wasn’t’ my type. I know, that’s like saying Chocolate is not my type. ha, but of course there are certain kinds of chocolate I DO NOT like. >.< 2/5 – MEH.
  • Vampires Suck – How can Liam play such douche-bag-ish characters in this series? But he did play the sparkly vampire better than Rob himself, I guess. Some jokes were funny, other mediocre. But this is good for a one time watch. 2/5 – MEH.
  • The Girl Next Door – You know sex sells. I mean, I freaking study about this so I know, but was rather sad. I was mostly confused whether the girl was Sarah from Chuck. I spent most of the movie deciding whether she was or not. I still don’t know and I’m too lazy to Google. Anyone wanna help out? 3/5 – AVERAGE.
  • Arthur – Now this was fun. Russell Brand is my new favorite comedy actor. I loved his performance in this. Other than that, it was a nice story with a happy ending. Everything’s good. 3.5/5 – KINDA GOOD.
The exam schedule is pretty dull with three exams on three consecutive days, and 11 days of holidays for eid followed by the last exam, which is the easiest one. >.< WHO EVEN MAKES THESE THINGS?


  1. Hello. A fellow Maldivian blogger! Nice to meet you.

  2. Ps. I used to be maldivesfiction, I now run this blog instead.

  3. jamawesome, Hello! Nice to meet ya ;)


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