Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The working girl!

That’s right folks. I’m no longer unemployed! *whee* Well, I am part of this National Drug Survey which I think is nice. Then again, studying Research this semester makes me think research on any and everything is nice. >.<
Basically, I do lots of office work, including filing important stuff, calling important people and the best thing is, I get to wear shirts and stilettos all day long. YES. ALL FREAKING DAY LONG! This is the life! Also, I have one exam, two reports and two presentations in the next two weeks, which is not so much fun.
Talking about fun, our Marketing Management presentation was AWESOME. Really, and I’m not even exaggerating. I brought the twins to play around while we talked about how completely mind blowing our salon idea was. We decorated the stage with colorful balloons, a funky playhouse, and tons of toys. We made lots of colorful pinwheels to give to the audience, which ACTUALLY WORKED. haha. Also we had this awesome bubble blowing bottle and throughout the presentation the place was filled with little bubbles. It was the most happening thing ever. All thanks to my magnificent team, Lubu, China, Fishybunny, K, and Mush! You guys are the most funkiest people of all times. <3
Everyone actually outperformed. Well, at least they outperformed my expectations. Everything was grand and I LOVED IT! Later, we had boduberu and danced away.
What else? Oh well, too much keeps happening these days. I have been watching as much Korean drama’s as I can. They are super fun. Really. Even though I don’t understand a single word they say (THANKYOU SUBTITLES!), it’s so worth watching because of the overly dramatic people. Makes me remember FishyBunny who is so awesome and dramatic and magnificent and all that. I LOVE THAT GIRL!
What have you guys been upto?
And Hello to Darkie, we finally meet! ^^

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