Tuesday, February 14, 2012

No, you shut up!

I have been saying that to people a lit these days, especially when they haven't even asked me to shut up. But I still haven't perfected it, since I tend to ALWAYS break into laughter right after saying that. Not cool! On the list of things to perfect, I also have "the chronic bitch-face". 
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Last week was hectic, with all the commotion and cancelled classes and feeling all scared. This week is probably worse. I have so far spent nearly 7 hours (not continuous, of course) looking at photos from NY Fashion Week, which is SO MEGA FREAKING AWESOME! I'm not a huge fan of Fall, but this Fall season is just, simply beautiful. I still have lots of shows to watch and trends to analyze and what not. -__- Still, it's enjoyable work!
Classes are going OK with me trying to be too sarcastic, and failing miserably A LOT! Well, it's a good thing since I learned in class today that entrepreneurs must always make new mistakes, and never repeat the same. Not that I suddenly turn into an entrepreneur when I'm being sarcastic, but you get my point eh? I am trying not to think about my upcoming birthday, but that's not happening either. SUPER EMO about hitting the big two oh! On the bright side, N's wedding is getting nearer and I am so excited about having to cancel two classes since I'm her maid of honor. *whee* Oh, wait I am also excited and happy for her marriage and all too.
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Dear God, please bless this nation and the people. Please show us the right path and help us become one again. Ameen.


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