Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The busy life

I am sorry for the lack of updates as I was really busy the last few days weeks doing all sorts of things including but not limited to stenciling, writing, and eating not in that particular order.
University has been going pretty well despite how many new people there are who are probably taking a degree in staring, or perhaps a diploma. Classes have been intense with too much lectures on strategies and marketing, but I've been enjoying them, especially the marketing parts. Last weekend we had to sell a destination in our International Marketing class, and our group chose NYC! We did an amazing presentation (and by amazing I mean megafreakingawesome) where we wore I <3 NY shirts and told every one how brilliant NYC is, and the lecturer was impressed. Another job well done.
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I have also been participating in Dhi Youth Movement which is this amazing thing where youth come together and use creative measures to celebrate special days, network and mostly have fun. On saturday because it was the Mother tongue day, we made a huge Dhivehi scrabble board and made words with kids. It was super fun. I shall hopefully blog about DYM and its fun-tastic activities soon.
This week, I am reading some Chinese literature attending lots of classes most of which keep getting cancelled, writing letters to organizations for internship, thinking of Maldivian products to market internationally for a class, being exciting for getting sorted into Slytherin in Pottermore and celebrating birthdays. 
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On a personal level, I feel like people keep going away, ignoring me and generally being very distant. Life is good otherwise.

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