Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekend Reads

Hello Friday! I am not a huge fan of Friday, but these days it seems to be getting better. Fridays always remind me of Rebecca Black and that's not exactly a good thing. ha!
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Adi's beautiful story is coming together nicely, while Isha has been writing words that touch my soul. Bakerella's Peanut Butter brownies make me drool, even though I'm not a fan of PB. Mara and Kendi's style has been influencing me lately with their pretty polka dots and pencil skirts. Also fell in love with Katie's blog post about cute kitties, and the other Katie's happy things list. On more informative things, check out the awesome post about custom PowerPoint backgrounds by Carly.
This weekend, I am super busy watching too much Glee and Cougar Town, making a business plan for a very educational service, holding two focus groups on women and employment and attending some classes as well as Muntha's Scout ceremony. Busy days! Have a happy weekend guys!


  1. Thank you for the mention, Shaha! And hey, Glee, no doubt is superb!

    Cougar Town is fantastic too! :)
    Have a nice weekend!


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