Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dhi Youth Movement

You might have read me blabber about DYM, which is this awesome thing started by Nawaf, who is this awesome guy. Our slogan is "Keep Moving Forward, Open New Doors, Do New Things, Be Curious and Have Fun!". I might have written about a group we met in London called Refugee Youth which is a place where people who are from other countries, but residing in London come together and share their stories, network, eat, play and generally have an amazing time. We were so inspired by them and the things they were doing to spread awareness and for the causes that they believed in.
image from Nawaf 
Nawaf is the main guy behind DYM, who came up with the logo and idea (It was called Dhi Heart before) but after Shaam's idea of DYM (which can also be acronym for Do You Mind. Cool, eh!) and after everyone found it a better name, we are working under DYM. Our mission is "to meet like minded youth, socialize, share knowledge, learn and most of all have some fun. We will be doing things out of the ordinary, make people turn around and give it another look, we are going to prove that change is possible and the Youth can be One ". Its mostly compromised of Nawaf's friends and mutual friends of our friends so basically we know each other, and we are constantly meeting new people as our activities happen and so far it has been a great journey with DYM.
image from Iyad 
Our first activity was inspired by the Grand Central Freeze by Improv Everywhere (seriously, read about their missions, which are pretty cool!) and we froze for 5 mins during different times at the Earth Hour Rally. It caught a lot of people's attention and was successful, and fun and we got to meet so many different people, while promoting a cause we strongly believed in. Our next activity was during the Mother Tongue Day Dhivehi Bahuge Dhuvas (Thanks to Liam for correcting me), where DYM made this huge Dhivehi scrabble board (that I blogged about last week) and it was amazing. I was unable to participate in the making due to uni stuff, but I did go to the event, where we played the game. Again, met many new people and kids and had a really good time making dhivehi words. 
We are always in the lookout for people (people who are enthusiastic and really want to be part of it), and we are constantly planning fun new things to do. You can check us out at

Twitter: @dhiyouth

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