Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekend Reads

Hello Friday. I have been watching Accidentally on Purpose again. I seriously recommend this series to everyone. Sure, it's a bit cheesy and a bit cliche'd but it is the funniest thing since FRIENDS that I have watched. I still haven't finished FRIENDS though. *sigh* I'm watching one episode a day to make it last forever, which is excatly what I do with chocolates too. One bite a day. So far, it has never worked cos I always end up eating the entire thing but since I can't seem to eat the FRIENDS CD, the one episode thing is working. Sadly, I'm on Season 10 now. 
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Moving on, blogosphere has been a little down lately. I don't really know why. Probably due to the too much football or because of that dancing show on ZTV which is awesome. Either way, I did find a few good posts like;
Carly's post about J.Crew and their amazing looks. Honestly, so sophisticated and pretty!
Makeup for girls with glasses by Keiko. As I wear glasses, I usually don't put on too much make-up and this is perfect.
Adi's posts about moving forward. She is amazing with words. I love how whimsical and magical she makes words by weaving them together.
Another post by Carly, about greatness which is an inspiring post. We're all great!
Have a great weekend guys, and don't forget to attend the Democracy Evening on Saturday night. I'm spending the week watching Hellcats, getting ready for the last semester in FMC and for starting work on Sunday and MMPRC. I'm so excited. ^^

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