Monday, July 2, 2012

I believe.

The last week has been extremely busy and not to mention, really fun!
So last sememester of college started on Sunday and so did my internship. I went to work and met everyone who were extremely nice. Fortunately, I had no classes but had my proposal due that day since I was changing my topic to something more interesting than Performance Appraisal.
On Monday, Nattu came to work to give a presentation on twitter.That is how cool my office is, we get people to give us presentations on the coolest stuff ever. Then right after work, I had four hours of classes. The guy who comes to teach us Service marketing is some big shot person in Dhiraagu, so I try to refrain from giving Wataniya as examples, eventhough I do love giving Wataniya's example since I use Wataniya and I'm really happy about it. The E-marketing teacher's name rhymes with Enrique, and has the funniest accent ever. A mix between 1800's English and French, methinks. I also had to go through lots of misunderstandings and confusions in communication between FMC and my supervisor who just happens to be Mr.S, one of my favorite lecturers in the entire world! YAY! Class got cancelled so the girls and I bought hedhikaa (Thanks to Sharu, the Fishbun) and ate them on the beach.
image credits: we heart it
Tuesday, Em and I had lunch at FMC canteen. Contrary to popular belief, the food there is actually good. After work, I went to the University library and got some books. Sadly did not get to see Mh and his pretty hair but he later tweeted me a picture of it. :D Later at night, Dad and I got some paper from paper World, which is a my kind of place. I love paper!
Wednesday was busy at office, and Nawaf and I had lunch at Food Bank. The food was pretty bad, but I did enjoy my burger and lemon juice. I'm not very good at tasting things which is sort of weird but whatever. That makes me very less judgmental on food. Then at night, the class got cancelled and it started raining so the gang and I went vaareya-themenings and also went moodh-ing which was so so much fun! 
On Thursday, I had lunch with Gigs. Office was pretty fun with some funny incidents, one of which involved a lecturer that I often see in FMC who apparently knows my name because "I am famous in FMC" as he says. I try to keep a low profile nowadays though. E-marketing class was sort of boring with too much talk about punch files. Later at night, DYMers and I went to GAWG office to get the tees for Friday's Road Race.
Road Race
The weekend went so fast. Friday, I was at the GAWG stall with Nash and we were giving away leaflets and badges to everyone while the DYMers ran the Road Race. Then Gigs and I went to see Moony's mom at hospital, which is one of my least favorite places. Saturday was a little lazy with me resting whole day. I did go to tutor the twins who adores me. Ninni mentioned that I would be a perfect girl to be a princess! What girl doesn't want to hear that? ^^ 
So that was my entire week, well most of it anyway. Today, I got a little cabin at work and did the Performance appraisal forms and in two hours, I have a class which I hope will be a little more interesting.
How was your week, readers?
Current Music: Affirmation by Savage Garden. Love this song. 

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