Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Living in a big old city.

Not that Male' is that old, or big. So basically I live in a tiny not so old city but nevertheless a city. Lately life has been amazing, and busy. Mostly because I love having things to do, its what I call a fulfilling life. So, lemme show you what I have been up to.
1. Painting my nails. It's a refreshing thing and having pretty manicures is life a stamina booster. :P
Nails 1 Nails
2. Celebrating birthdays and making parcels out of used magazine pages. Someone should gimme an award already.
Birthday Gift
3. Writing letters, to myself and to my classmates. Every semester I write letters to my favorite people in class, and since this is going to be the last semester, I am thinking of writing to everyone in my original class.
Letters 2 Letters 1
4. Organizing my room and making paper stars. 
Boxes Paper Stars
5. Reading some inspiring books. The 7 habits book has been with me ever since I was a teenager and has helped me throughout the teen years and even now. I LOVE it. Normally my books are very clean but as I have used the book more than any other book, it has seen its share of damage. *sigh* 
365 Days 7 Habits
and doing so many more things like fun DYM stuff and transcribing audio tapes and helping friends and so much that I can't even remember them all.-__- 


  1. I hate painting my nails on my own cuz I can never get them to look neat -_- one of my friends even asked me once whether a 5 year old painted my nails. FML.

    Letters to yourself reminds me... I used to write predictions at the end of every year before...when I was naive enough to dream. LOL. Nah... but yeah I don't do it anymore.

    7 habits!! I have that book too. Good one!

    1. hahaha. Believe me, I still mess it up even though I have been painting my nails for years!

      You should write a letter to yourself, it's so much different, more like meditation.

      You have good taste in books, ha. Thanks.


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