Sunday, July 15, 2012

So what happened to the Dude on the Beach?

Since this April, I have been writing stories for Entertainment Guide, the Medianet magazine, which I used to love because of the series features and interviews. I still do love it, more since I can now see name published there. haha
So, I'm not a story writer and I'm not very good at it either, but because I love doing random things and because life is for living and writing stories, (duh!) I thought I should give it a go when I got the opportunity from Iththi, a friend who works there.
The idea behind "Dude on the Beach" (Dob) came from IQ, who works there as well and I thought it was such a great idea. Me, someone who usually ends up writing random stuff about girls and handbags and shoes, had to write about the life of a guy! It was very challenging, also creating characters and giving them different roles and googling synonyms were pretty hard. But once I saw the print, it made everything worth it.
Dob was a series story which ended this month, and I also wrote a few more short stories, my favorite of which was "The Overachiever" which is an idea for a story that I had for a long time. I'm just very glad for this, and I hope that I can do stuff like this more often. 
To find out what happened to Dave, the dude on the beach, read the EG on the Medianet website.

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