Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Inspirational Women: Sal

Last year's Youth Leadership Program (YLP) has been the most life changing experience yet, and through it I met some amazing people that I know are going to be friends for life, but I also met some very inspiring people, especially Sal who was a part of organizing the event from Institute of Governance and development. 
She is friendly, and treated each of us like her own children. She was a mentor to us throughout the one month of the program, she was friendly and strict when she needed to be. Her speeches inspired me so much, at the end I felt like crying. This woman, she gives me hope, she constantly restores my faith in humanity. I look at her and I realize that despite everything negative going around in society, there are people who are full of good. There is hope, and a chance for a better future.
image credits, polyvore
I wish her all the love in the world, and I wish her a fast recovery and I pray to God to make her life easier. She is a beautiful person who deserves good things. She makes the world a brighter place, and I'm grateful to have met her, to have known her.
I wish to follow in her path, to work for the country, to work to bring a change, and to be able to inspire people.


  1. Amen. I miss her badly. And its unfair how life has treated her.

  2. May god give others to meet this amazing woman... i met and i am thankful for that.. thank you so much SAL.. :)


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