Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cause I don't wanna fall in love

I've had the most amazing few days. 
On Thursday, mom and I made cupcakes and we had a blast decorating them with pink and yellow icing.
That night, there was a treat from Queen to all former classmates, most of which was political talk. :O
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Friday, we did the same except this time it was for a cousin's birthday. I love making cupcakes, too bad I can't eat too many. I think I've already had too much cupcakes in the last two days. At night, there was a fun work event which had cake. Again, couldn't eat any. 
In fact, this whole post could be of all the occasions I had where I could eat cake but didn't. :/

Yesterday, there was more cupcake making. Seriously, our tiny kitchen was filled with five dozen cupcakes all looking extremely delicious. Myra's an amazing cupcake artist. I call her Peeta, haha.
Last night I hosted one of my infamous Pictionary nights and we had a fun time eating pizza, making jokes and being happy when others lost, haha.

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