Thursday, March 7, 2013


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Do you sometimes feel like you have to get every detail right, have everything done on time to the highest possible standards and even when you do, you feel like you could have done better? You don't? Maybe that's just me.
I am a perfectionist. I won't disagree. It's not as intense as some people out there, but for me, it takes up a big part of my life. Also, having OCD (maybe I don't have it, maybe I just think I do) does not help. 
I like most parts of it. The attention to details makes things look good but sometimes I cannot stop but think about it for the longest time when it is just insignificant to everyone else.
Seriously, sometimes it bothers me when my shoes does not match my outfit (not even in a pop of colour/other fashion-way) and then all day, I'll just be thinking about it. I have learnt ways to make sure that this doesn't affect my work but sometimes a girl just needs to be fine with being messy. I have yet to find a balance.

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