Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August in a Nutshell

Last month has been my busiest month yet, but I am probably jinxing it because I have a feeling this month I'm gonna wear myself out. If I was a phoenix, this would be the month I set on fire. *sigh* Between lunch meetings, way too many classes and drinks around town, I has a pretty eventful yet routinely month.

Lunch with Moonz featuring yummy pancakes, chocolate syrup and bananas. I really need to lunch more at home with friends | Watching way too much series including White Collar, Rules of Engagement, Desperate Houweviwes and more over desserts. My teeth has been complaining | Even through our busy month, we managed to leave a couple love letters around town. I wonder if anyone actually found them helpful | Also recieved one very pretty letter from my penpal but I haven't been able to send any yet. I really need to make my way into the post office | Learning Gallifreyan has been hard but very rewarding and really interesting | Lastly, we spent way too much time at Cafe Ier ice-creaming and Granini-ing. Also I bought a pretty new book which is keeping my teaching work very organized. 

Overall, August have been a rather nice month and I was able to spend a lot of time with my friends including going to see Guardians of the Galaxy which was really good. Also I got a lot of work done and am actually going to start something exciting soon and once it's started I shall blog a bit about it. 

I hope you had a great month. How was your August?


  1. My August was terrible. Some one was abducted from our country. He's missing. No one knows what happened to him. It been four weeks. Our president has no comments on the matter while he creates sports grounds for the gangs which most likely were paid to disappear the journalist. And the police have done jack shit. I see you wrote a letter to your dear prez about it, oozing with flowery phrases pleading for him to do something about it because he's oh so kind and loving to his citizen...so its really surprising to me to see you wrap up your month without a comment to that letter you wrote, what provoked you to write such a letter, no follow up with your dear president about his lack of empathy and concern (which your innocent and naive mind assumes he's capable of). It really surprises me that during the month of August another young man died from a knife attack under your president's watch and you are so blind to all the other injustices were sanctioned by your president's puppets. I mean, tell us, do you really care about Rilwan's disappearance and what it means for the nation, or are you just in love with the almighty authority figure who so beautiful cheated his way into power....Please get your head out of your rainbow-filled world and see what is actually going on in your nation; planned and approved by your beloved president - and not in the least in the interest of you or I or anyone other 'average' citizen. Go and speak to Juxyn and his family. Ask them how their month of August was. (Their address is all over the news and police statements - in case you don't know where to find them).

    1. While you have made an incredibly relevant point, it's apparent that you don't know this blogger. Neither do I but I presume you have read her work way less than I have. Since somewhere in the early 2013 I have come to know this blogger as an amazingly passionate girl who actually cares about making a change. I guess she doesn't see the point in announcing it to the entire world through her blog. I can't help but wonder why you chose to hide behind the very convenient veil of anonymity and voice out your judgment about her as a person while clearly you know nothing about her.

  2. I'm really disappointed in the fact that you are judging me by one blog post. All the feelings in that letter was a sincere cry for help from the man who's in charge of this country, who should be doing more than what he is doing, I agree. You think that from that one post you have me figured out completely but unfortunately that is not true. As much as I respect the man, I am disappointed in him constantly. Right now what remains is a thin line of faith which is what I'm holding on to because I was thought to believe that people can be good, even when they show you otherwise.

    Yes, I am disappointed about the SEZ's; VERY VERY disappointed, and I urged my MP to vote against it and I was very vocal in getting all my students to know both sides of the SEZ's so they know the benefits and the dangers of the bill so seeing it get passed makes me mad, and feel like a failure. If you look at the whole country, I agree August was a terrible month, I am still everyday including a prayer for Rilwan and trying to do everything I can on an individual level to make people aware and to urge the authorities to do their work.

    I hope you are too and I wish you all the best in doing that because you and I, we need to work together on both individual and group levels so that this country can prosper. I am not pointing my finger at you and asking what you are doing, because I believe that you are a good person who thinks very well and because I have faith in people even when they question me.

    I hope both our and this country's September is a lot better than August. May god bless you and bring Rilwan back.


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