Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 in a Nutshell

Hi guys. I am still kicking but have been very lazy when it came to blogging but hopefully this year I will actually follow my blogging schedule (which I have yet to make). I've already done a small 2014 highlights on my facebook but obviously had to do one here as well. 

I started a new tradition at the start of the year by making a list of my top 10 friends and giving them a little new year gift and a card. It always feel great to be on the giving end of things. The start of the year was slow but nice. 

Right after that I headed to Bandos to facilitate the Leadership Camp for Girls organized by Hope for Women which was very nice and a great experience for me. I met the most lovely and courageous girls who are unafraid and have such high hopes for them. 

Shinzou Con was such a fun event and I had a great time with Mick (we both dressed as the TARDIS) and with all the amazing cosplayers. 

Then came my birthday which was nothing exciting, just some good times with my family and friends. The FMC gang (my former classmates from uni) actually gave me a cake which was such a lovely surprise.

During March, I got the chance to teach part time at a local college. Being a teacher was something I wanted when I was young so it feels great to be realizing that dream now. I'm so happy to teach, it's a wonderful experience. 

I had a blast at work last year. I got to participate (and organize) some major events and that felt really nice. I also made so many mistakes and learnt from them. Everyday at work is fantastic and I love that I get to do something I absolutely adore and get paid for it. 

Last year I got into some amazing new personal projects. Snailmail (meaning sending handwritten letters through post) opened my eyes to so many amazing people and I got to have friends around the world who would take time to get to know me and write. Postcrossing is a site where you can send postcards to strangers around the globe and I'm trying to send and receive at least one postcard form each country. The stories I get to read from these people and the amazing postcards are absolutely worth the wait. More Love Letters is a project that Hannah Brencher started and inspired by her I started leaving love letters to strangers around Male' and I hope that it has helped at least one person.

I also started doing my MBA but I'm not at all happy with how unorganized I was and my grades are very low so I am going to dedicate more time to my studies this year and hopefully get my GPA up.

DYM-wise we had a nice year (a bit low-key though) and the magazine gave me lots of new opportunities to meet some VERY talented people and it was such a blessing.

I also baked somewhat last year. I plan to bake more this year. Cakes, cookies and more hopefully. Also I joined Snapchat (add me at @heyshaha. I do lots of daily vlogs and random stuff), Vlogged on Youtube (I plan to do more in 2015, if I find any time), and Vine (@shaha, I do comedy vids mostly).

Entertainment wise, I hosted two scavenger hunts which went rather fun and countless game nights, one picnic in the park and Love Letter Wednesdays. I also joined with The Little Red Events to host a tea party which was so great. I also OBSESSED majorly over Taylor Swift (I have been a fan of her for so long but this year she really made a huge impact in my life), got into John Green's books and started watching Full House which is very fun. I hope to write more about my favourite movies and things last year.

I made a couple new friends, met a lot of great people and was able to be a part of a lots of people's happy moments for which I am so grateful.

Most people noted the highlight of my year to be when I won a national award in November. It really was extremely happy and I'm so glad that I get to make my parents proud through it. 

I would say the highlight of my year was that I finally started becoming more open and genuine. Last year was a year of loving myself and becoming a version of myself I was prod of and I am very happy to say that I love the current version of myself but of course self building is a continuous process and perfection is something that can never be achieved so I'll always try to be the better than I was yesterday. 

This year my main goal is to strengthen my faith. To be closer to Allah, to learn more about Islam and try my best to be a good Muslimah. To believe in people, in humanity and not to hate or think negative things about people. 

I hope your last year went well and wish all the best for the this year. 

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